In the company outlet you can find a wide selection of furniture by designed by designers of international fame. This furniture comes from trade fairs, exhibitions, retailer’s exhibitions, photo sets or can be non-standard, end-of-series or second choice furniture.
No new products are sold from the catalogue at the outlet.


Technically, products displayed in outlets cannot be considered “new”. They may simply have been used for a photo set or may have been on display in a store for a few months. But they may also have imperfections or slight damages that do not affect their functionality or aesthetics. For this reason, outlet furniture is sold with list price discounts ranging from 30% to 70%.


The outlet is located inside the company headquarters of Horm Italia Srl and is open to the public from Monday to Friday from 08.30 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 18.00. You can visit it without appointment and buy in the company. But if Brugnera (Pordenone) is not just around the corner, then you can buy comfortably from home via email (, phone (0434 1979 105 / 340 07 01 485) or in Telegram videoconference or WhatsApp. Just follow these steps:

STEP 1 – Ask for the list of available furniture

Fill out the form below to request the inventory of furniture available in outlet. You will receive a complete Excel list of:
– list prices excluding VAT
– outlet discounts
– outlet prices including VAT
– furniture dimensions and finishes
– links to our Dropbox gallery where you can see photographs of the furniture on display. These photographs will be useful for you to evaluate the any small defects or imperfections on the furniture on display.

STEP 2 – Browse our catalogues

If you are not very familiar with our products and would like to evaluate them better from an aesthetic point of view, we suggest you to browse our catalogues where you will be able to admire a lot of photographs set. Download the catalogues from this link.

STEP 3 – Inform yourself about the conditions of sale

Download the PDF and read carefully the conditions of sale of the outlet. We invite you to be a well-informed buyer.



STEP 4 – Contact us to buy

Contact us by phone (0434 1979 105 / 340 07 01 485), email, Telegram or WhatsApp to ask for more information or to submit your order. In the latter case, you must provide us with:
– your billing information (address and tax code),
– the delivery address,
– a telephone number to be provided to the carrier.
We will send you an order confirmation in which we will summarize the products you have chosen, indicate how to make the payment by bank transfer and notify you the first useful date of shipment of the furniture.