Since 1989, when the company was founded, HORM furnishes living spaces by creating emotions and transforming homes, public spaces and workplaces into warm, welcoming and functional environments.
With its wide range of over 100 products, which come in a variety of sizes and finishes, HORM is able to create complete living environments that range from the dining room to the study and from the bedroom to the living room. Above all, however, with its range of furniture, which bring together simplicity, art and innovation, HORM offers a home environment  that is essential, as well as refined, lending every home an air of uniqueness and exclusivity.

Casamania represents a contemporary and forward aesthetic that seamlessly translates to high end residential, hospitality, or commercial design projects, with collections covering a wide range of pieces from modular systems and furniture, to lighting and accessories.

Orizzonti Italia is guided by criteria of tailoring, craftsmanship and well being to produce beds, sofa beds, slatted bases, mattresses, pillows and duvets: a set of complementary elements, designed to give a rewarding feeling of physical and sensory pleasure.